Sunday, December 9, 2012

Printing Barcodes for Fixed Assets

One of my customers has requested to prints barcodes for his assets, and therefore I have created this simple methodology, take a look into the steps below:

Go to the Asset General Information form (Cards >> Fixed Assets >> General), and note the Additional menu on the form:


The system will prompt you to select the printer:


Barcode will be printed!


To get this please go and download the following ZIP file: Label

It has two files:

  • “IDAutomationHC39M.ttf”: place this file inside “C:\Windows\Fonts”
  • “Asset Label Printing.dll”: Place this file inside your Dynamics GP Folder >> AddIns

NOTE: we have added a little DI.JO inside the barcode, just e-mail me to send you a package without this, it was added to count the number of users!

Mohammad R. Daoud MVP - MCT
+962 - 79 - 999 65 85


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Zebra QLn320 said...

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Noshan Naveed said...

Does it workable for GP 2013?

Mohammad R. Daoud said...

Please e-mail me to send you the 2013 Package

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Valio said...

Hello Mohammad

please send me to email the 2013 package


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