Thursday, December 6, 2012

Analytical Account Posting Setup - Breaking the Hidden Secrets!!

Yesterday one of my customers reported an issue that the analytical accounting report is not being printed after the “General Posting Journal” upon posting a GL Transaction.

First thing came to my mind that this report has been unmarked in “Posting Setup” then in moment I realized that the Posting Setup does not contains anything for AA!!

It has been said in the analytical accounting installation manual that YOU MUST CONFIGURE YOU POSTING SETUP BEFORE ACTIVATING THE PRODUCT:

Setting up posting options for Analytical Accounting
Once you’ve installed Analytical Accounting for your company, you must set up
the appropriate posting options for Analytical Accounting in the Microsoft
Dynamics GP Posting Setup window. Be sure that you’ve completed this task before
you activate Analytical Accounting.

In order to collect analytical information for an account, the account must be linked
to an account class. Analytical Accounting does not support posting in summary.

So how to adjust this? Where can I find the posting setup for AA and how to configure my reports?

An hour of profiler trace returned what does GP actually do to load report, specially after activating the “Allow Transactions Posting” option and getting the error below on the report generation:

“Unable to obtain posting destination record.”


I my trace, I noticed that GP is running the following query to get report printed to the appropriate destination:

exec TWO.dbo.zDP_SY02200SS_1 2,'General Entry','General Posting Journal'

This script returned the following results:


Then I saw the following command which returned the following result:

exec TWO.dbo.zDP_SY02200SS_1 2,'General Entry','3180rpt_8'


At this moment I realized that this “3180rpt_8” report is being called without being exist in posting setup table and that’s why I used to get the above message and being able to get the report printed.


I just added the report row into SY02200 table and rerun the posting! That worked like a charm!


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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Erick Correa said...

Excelent post, please im need your help, in GP2016 what is 3180rpt_65, thanks

Erick said...

Hi again, s there a manual for analytical accounting reports? Where can I check the names of the reports?
Where I find a listing

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