Monday, March 13, 2017

taAnalyticsDistribution Procedure Not working!

Today I been working on an interesting case with eConnect, I been trying to call taAnalyticsDistribution using normal SQL Query but I didn’t find the impact of the run on Dynamics GP and it was always returning the value “0” in ErrorState which should mean that the command was executed properly:

EXEC    @return_value = [dbo].[taAnalyticsDistribution]
        @I_vDOCNMBR = N'3464',
        @I_vDOCTYPE = 0,
        @I_vAMOUNT = 50.35,
        @I_vACTNUMST = N'000-1100-00',
        @I_vaaTrxDim = N'DEPARTMENT',
        @I_vaaTrxDimCode = N'1',
        @O_iErrorState = @O_iErrorState OUTPUT,
        @oErrString = @oErrString OUTPUT

I tried to break the code to see what’s going on and therefore installed a decryption application to decrypt the SP and ran an SQL trace, where I realized  that the procedure is indeed not working as expected and not retuning anything due to a misplaced “RETURN” Command below:


Removing this command fixed my case! I don’t want to publish the full code of the procedure as might be having differences between every version of the eConnect and therefore I am providing a way to get this resolved on your environment.

Hope that this helps.


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