Friday, December 14, 2012

Dynamics GP Excel Paste has been ranked in DynamicsWorld Microsoft Dynamics Top 50 Add-Ons 2013

I got the mail this morning that the Dynamics GP Excel Paste has made it and ranked in the 2013 list of DynamicsWorld Microsoft Dynamics Top 50 Add-Ons.

Quoting from DynamicsWorld:

In previous years each platform has had its own Top 12, however, with an increasing number of ISVs now creating cross platform Add-Ons this year it was necessary to publish the top Add-Ons for Microsoft Dynamics as a single list of the Top 50.

The issue of what makes the best Add-On for an end user is dependent upon what the end user requires, so, as in previous years the list does not rank the Add-Ons in order of choice, instead, the list is published in Alphabetical order.

So GP Excel Paste might be the best! No body knows!!

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Exchange email archiving said...

Only way is to experiment and to see...

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to use intercompany on the free gl Excel paste tool?

Mohammad R. Daoud said...

Not planned for the time being! The Intercompany is not a part of the free Excel Paste Tool as once the Intercompany option is used, the form will change the Account Number field and replace the composite field with free string field that requires special treatments to manage the paste operation, and therefore this has been excluded from the “free” paste operation.

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