Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Management Reporter Main Features

Great article by Dynamics Corporate Performance Management blog on the main features added to Management Reporter, worth checking their article, below some of the interesting features:

64-bit support

• Many companies are upgrading their systems to 64-bit. Management Reporter was built using in 64-bit environments. The IT department won’t need to maintain a separate machine just for Management Reporter as they may need to do for FRx.

Improved stability

• The FRx code base was close to 20 years old and the design experience was closely tied to report generation. Management Reporter is more stable. Each area of the application (designing, processing, and viewing) is isolated, making it easier to identify exactly where issues are.

Improved performance

• Processing takes place on the server, not the client. This frees up the client to continue designing reports instead of locking it up until the report has finished generating.

SQL Server support

• No more Microsoft Access databases! This means no more corrupted spec files, no need to rebuild indexes to ensure new accounts are picked up. This results in fewer calls to IT or your partner to “fix” the issue. As a result, end users are much more productive.

Improved multi-user environment

• With the switch to IIS and SQL Server, there is no need to create shares for the sysdata and io_data. All of the building block, company information and generated reports are in a SQL database. Administrators can see all reports that are being generated at any given time since all processing is done on the server.

Active directory support

• Once users are added to Management Reporter, any changes made to passwords, etc. by users are automatically rolled forward. There is no need to “manage” users in Management Reporter unless a user needs to be disabled or given a new security role. This also means fewer login screens for the user.

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