Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dynamics GP Reporting Series: Introduction

I been in a situation where the client wanted to get his company logo loaded in his reports whenever he adds new companies and without calling the IT guys to modify the reports.

Due to Dexterity limitations, logo cannot be loaded from the database into the report writer, instead we were getting around multi-companies reports by adding a section in report writer for each logo and managing the appearance of each section using VBA.

My client has allot of companies and those companies are increased day after day! Where he asked to have the company logo as a setup and loaded to his reports dynamically, I had to customize this through the VS Toolkit, I added a new form linked to the company setup form:



Where you can setup the logo for each company, the logo will be saved directly to the database, and then I developed 15 Crystal Reports linked to the forms to display the data along with predefined logo’s instead of the original GP reports:


Each report of our reports will have two main commands, first one will hold the SQL Statement and the other one will hold the company related information, we’ll be discussing each command in its related report, but the company command will be one for all reports, to avoid any issues when creating our crystal report, we’ll need to add the statement as a “Command” instead of direct tables as the command does not store the database name along with the statement, the report will need to be designed to look like the original GL edit list:

SELECT * FROM Dynamics.dbo.SY01500
INNER JOIN Dynamics.dbo.CompanySetup ON Dynamics.dbo.SY01500.InterID = Dynamics.dbo.CompanySetup.IntercompanyID

I am willing to share the complete steps as a series of posts based on the below schedule (Links will be active on the specified dates):

Introduction Tuesday April 13, 2010
GL Edit List Friday April 16, 2010
Bank Transactions Tuesday April 20, 2010
Bank Transfers Friday April 23, 2010
SOP Sales Invoice Tuesday April 27, 2010
RM Sales Invoice Friday April 30, 2010
RM Credit Memo Tuesday May 04, 2010
RM Debit Memo Friday May 07, 2010
RM Cash Receipt Tuesday May 11, 2010
POP Purchase Order Friday May 14, 2010
Receiving Transaction Entry Tuesday May 18, 2010
PM Transaction Entry Friday May 21, 2010
PM Manual Payment Tuesday May 25, 2010
Customer Statement Friday May 28, 2010
Vendor Statement Tuesday June 01, 2010

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Santosh Surti said...

This is very helpful.

Definatly this will help all of us.

lee said...

thanks for this post. I've been very much aware of how tio make the GP reporting work,

leeain said...

Yes you are right there.

Santosh Surti said...


Could you mind to share your customization which is done through the VS Toolkit?

Thanks in advance,


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