Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Post to General Ledger has not been marked for this batch.


I got a call yesterday from one of my customers, they have a case that they are being notified when posting inventory transactions that the transaction will not post to GL:

“Post to General Ledger has not been marked for this batch. Analytical Accounting information that may be created for this batch will be deleted on posting. Do you want to continue?”


First things I used the customer to check is the posting setup, but they confirmed that nothing changed and posting setup is marked to post to GL.

Then I realized the they are posting a “transaction” not a “batch”, which lead to the fact that something is incorrect.

I asked them to go to SY00500 and check if there is any batches with empty batch number and that was the case! They had a batch with empty batch number exists in the table and not marked to post to GL and GP was looking into this table when posting without batches!

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