Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cash account is not being loaded in Cash Receipt and Manual Payment if the payment type is “Check”


I got an interesting question from one of my blog fellows, the guy been trying to create a manual payment and cash receipt of type check, while “Cash” type work perfectly, “Check” type does not load the cash account.


I have connected to the environment and validated the accounts are properly configured, but noticed that “Payment Document Management” is installed and activated for no reason.

When having payment document management activated, application will look into the accounts in payment document setup screen linked to the checkbook master.

Your available options are either to disable the module from the database as you cannot disable it from the screens by running the below script:


SET           EnablePmntDocPM = 0, EnablePmntDocRM = 0

Or setup accounts for your checkbook in the required screen.

This will resolve your issue!

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