Sunday, May 29, 2011

Dynamics GP Vs. Dynamics AX


I been reviewing one of the questions over the internet and noticed an article at ITToolBox portal that compares Dynamics GP to Dynamics AX by “Randy Smith - President - By Design Consulting”.

The question was about a customer who already running Dynamics GP and asking what value they will gain from upgrading to AX, Mr. Smith had the below answer:

I may be a bit bias but I will throw my 2 cents into the ring. I am a Dynamics GP reseller that specializes in Process/Formula manufacturing and I am also a part owner in a product that services process manufacturing for the Dynamics GP, SL and NAV markets - Vicinity Manufacturing (
GP tends to be more out of the box and relative to AX not as easy to customize by the user. It has a tremendous number of ISVs (development firms with specific niche) that support the product. In general GP offers good core functionality and relies on a best of breed approach to address the unique challenges - such as process manufacturing.
From my take on things AX brings some real power and flexibility to the table in the form of customization and security. With that power comes a price. It is my experience that companies wishing to take advantage of what AX offers really need to be able to commit internal development resources to the system. The system is really written and exposed to be customized to address very specific requirements a company may possess. The investment in labor is not insignificant. It is my opinion that AX would require at least one programmer on staff if not a small team. For some organizations that is not an issue and is just part of the make up of the company. For smaller companies this becomes and issue.

My ISV organization has chosen not to go into AX at this time because GP, SL and NAV address the $5-200 million market pretty well. Additionally the functionality in non-AX products is similar to the AX product (short of the customization capabilities previously mentioned) and there are more ISV products available in GP, SL and NAV. So we are sitting on the sidelines watching the AX product mature a bit. As we do that we are seeing more and more AX functionality make it into the GP, SL and NAV products as well. That is keeping the playing field pretty level.

There are situations that AX is a really good fit - don't get me wrong. I find however that there are a number of companies that pick AX when GP, SL or NAV would have done just fine and cost significantly less to implement. The real cost difference is not in software but rather in services. My experience shows that companies not getting what they want out of GP, SL or NAV are probably not working with a strong enough VAR or one that is only partially dedicated to the GP channel. That is not always the case but it is more times then not.

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Anonymous said...

So, what is that means?! In some situation GP is the right answer and in some other situations AX is. It would have been great if you provided some level of analysis to help clarify the decision making framework. At least, this was what I thought you would do based on the title of this blog.

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