Sunday, January 24, 2010

Microsoft Dynamics GP Utilities Version Errors

You might get the following error while validating product version information:
“The stored procedure verifyVersionInformation() of form duSQLInstall Pass Through SQL returned the following results:
DBMS: 468, Microsoft Dynamics GP:0”
Then the following message will appear:
“There was a problem ascertaining product version information Microsoft Dynamics GP will now exit.”
Those error are due to two different reasons:
1. You either have incorrect versions for the installed products, products versions could be located under DB_Upgrade and DU00020 tables in DYNAMICS database, those entries must be correct based on your installed version of GP, mainly this could happen during the apply of new service packs or upgrades, so the easiest way to resolve this is to restore your database into a copy before performing the upgrade.
2. Which is the common error when moving your databases into a new server or new SQL Server installation, the reason behind this error is the collation conflict between your databases collations and SQL Server collation.
Collations must be matched, so you either need to change your SQL Server collation by running a command like the below:
Where G: is your CD drive that has your SQL Setup CD, MSSQLSERVER is your SQL instant name (MSSQLSERVER means the default instant), P@SS@WORD1 is the new SA password and Arabic_CI_AI is the new collation.
Or alternatively you might need to change the whole database collation, which is not an easy task as you need to drop all database constraints and change the collation then get them back, if you need this you might need to contact us to ask for our services, it is risky to perform this change by yourself.
To get more information about SQL Collation and its effects, find link below:
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Anonymous said...

I just ran into this problem while installing on a new system. to correct the 'problem ascertaining product version information' issue, I had to run payroll update KB2599505.

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