Monday, January 18, 2010

Inside Dynamics GP 2010: Lookups

For those who been suffering while working on customizing their GP lookups every time it opens, its the time to take a look to the following feature in Dynamics GP 2010:

“You can define and save a default lookup view for your master records by selecting the Set as Default View option from the View menu or using the right-click menu in the lookup window. The default view you select will be the view displayed when you open the lookup window the next time.

You can set a default view for the following lookup windows.
• Items lookup window
• Accounts lookup window
• Employees lookup window
• Customers and Prospects lookup window
• Salespeople lookup window
• Vendors lookup window

The default view is saved on a per user, per company basis.”

Mohammad R. Daoud - CTO
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Terri said...

We can't get these new lookups to work. When we check "Save as default" nothing happens. Any ideas?

robertpaulmarinko said...

Can you give more details on how you create views, that can then be assigned as a default? Is it possible to create a view that shows different columns then what appears by default (for example, on item lookup, replace short description with the full description).

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