Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Posting Transactions that has document date in unopened period.

First, checkout below a conversation between me and one of my clients:

Client : “We need option to void invoice recorded at a vendor account with a date in unopened period.”

Me     : “Unfortunately the only available option is to open the year!”

Client : “Let us wait until year end, but the question is why would GP allow this in the beginning??

In fact, GP allows such operation, it allows setting the Document Date to unopened period and the posting date to the current period, which logically couldn’t be correct.


The big problem right now is when trying to void this invoice, using “Void Open Payables Transactions” form, GP will not allow to have the Void Date before Document Date, neither having the Void Date in an unopened period check messages below:



Today, Frank Hamelly in one of his great tips pointed us to a “free” tool developed by the MBS team to prevent such operation, the tool is called “Document Date Verify Tool”, just contact MBS Professional Services and they will send it to you.

Summery about the tool from its documentation:

“When a document date is entered in the following windows, a check will be performed to determine if the document date is in a fiscal period. If the date does not fall within a valid fiscal period, a message will be issued and the user will not be allowed to continue until the date is in a valid period.


Payables Transaction Entry

Receivables Transaction Entry

Invoice Entry PM

Manual Payment Entry

SOP Entry

IV Transaction Entry

Cash Receipts Entry

POP PO Entry

Receiving Entry

POP Invoice Entry


This customization will also do a validation if the period is closed. If the Document Date falls in a period that is closed, a message will be issued that will allow the user to correct the date or continue on leaving the date.”

Hope that helps.

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