Sunday, November 22, 2009

Different Errors for One Reason!!!

Sometimes you finds your self in a very deep technical investigations looking for the cause of a very stupid error message or behavior that does not represents the actual cause of the message, such as situations below:

1. “All Call Stack in use. Cannot Start Script” When opening GL Transaction Entry From.


2. Smart-list has no objects and tree view that holds the smart-lists is empty.

3. Smart-lists returns no data, smart-lists are exist but no data are shown in the lists.

4. On checkbook reconciliation, no data is presented on transactions preview to be reconciled.

Go to Reconcile Bank Statement>> Select your checkbook>> Click on Transactions>> No data!!

5. Smart-list exports unknown letters when exporting non-English characters to Excel.

6. Integration Manager integrates question marks “???” instead of the original non-English text upon importing any kind of transactions.

All the above point became well known behaviors to the collation conflict for non-Unicode characters, the simple solution for all the above errors is to Set the language to English under “Advanced” tab in Regional and Language options.

Hope that helps.

Mohammad R. Daoud
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sam01 said...

Thank you for your posting. I like to add one more scenario to this issue. This issue also happens if you move GP data to a new SQL Server instance, and the new SQL Server instance was installed with a different "Server Collation".

In my case, the original SQL server instance had "Server Collation" = SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS, but the new SQL Server instance had Server Collation = Latin1_General_CI_AS. GP was giving blank SmartList and other errors mentioned above. Setting all the Region and Language options to English did not resolve the issue in this case.

Eventually the issue was resolved by reinstalling the SQL Server using the same "Server Collation" as the original SQL Server instance.

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