Sunday, January 29, 2012

Before Yearend Closing Check - Retained Earnings Exception Report


It has been long time since I been an active online community member as before, as the day has only 24 hours and is really not enough for 45 customers with many GP issues, offline contribution, online community activities, my masters , family, and fun time!!!

However, I am doing my best to recover and follow up with all these! As a start, I wanted to share one thing to be included in your checks before closing your financial year, if you have several currencies linked to your profit and loss accounts, you will need to make sure that all these currencies are linked to the retained earnings account, so the multicurrency management module can work this with no issues.

If you forgot to do so, the system will generate the accounts along with the currencies not linked to the Retained Earnings in a report called “Retained Earnings Exception Report” and the report will be printed automatically.

Nothing to be done from your side at this point as the system will affect the retained earnings with the amounts, but you need to validate your profit/loss balance and make sure that the RE account affected correctly.

Quoting from the multicurrency management printable manual:

If you haven’t assigned all currency IDs to your retained earnings account using the
Select Account Currencies window, the Multicurrency Retained Earnings Exception
Report also will be printed. This report displays all retained earnings accounts for
which multicurrency transactions were closed, even though the currency for the
multicurrency amounts wasn’t assigned to the retained earnings account. If you
didn’t intend to close these accounts to the retained earnings account, you can use
this report to determine the amounts you’ll need for correcting these transactions.

Hope that this helps.

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