Monday, April 25, 2011

Microsoft Dynamics GP - Management Reporter Issues


While trying to work on Management Reporter, I got the below error:

“The operation could not be completed due to a failure on the server.”

Followed several steps to investigate the issue, checked the functional currency and validated almost everything with no result, even searched the whole web with no result.

I finally decided to reinstall everything, uninstalled server, client, data provider and deleted the database then tried to reinstall, another issue came up:

“An error has occurred while implementing database on server, please refer to error log for more details.”

Error log detailed nothing about the issue, but when I tried to search the log about all database issues, I noticed that the management reporter being failed to grant database access to the domain Administrator user as it was already added.

Deleting the user from all databases and from the database logins level and reinstalling the application resolved the issue and the customer is currently enjoy reporting with management reporter!

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Mike said...

I got this error after migrating the database to a new SQL server. I found this post that contains the scripts that need to be run.

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