Monday, April 25, 2011

Enhanced Inventory Item Reconciliation


I have several customers suffers reconciling their items the traditional way, they sometimes due to the huge number of transactions finds items contains “Allocated” quantities while it is actually not.

The normal process to fix this up is by following the standard procedure by getting all users outside GP >> Go to tools >> Utilities >> Inventory >> Reconcile, easy steps but what if you have a large number of items and wanted to perform this operation? This will definitely take hours.

As a part of the Professional Services Tools Library, MS team has introduced an enhanced Item Reconciliation Utility that reconciles only items that need to be reconciled!

Using Item Reconciler

Item Reconciler allows you to reconcile Inventory. The Reconciler’s function is the same as the reconcile functions built into Microsoft Dynamics GP with one exception: only those items that need reconciling will be reconciled using Professional Services Tools Library. This can increase performance if all items don’t need to be reconciled.

If you are interested in this feature, just go ahead and install Professional Services Tools Library from Dynamics GP DVD and follow the documentation.

The good thing about this tool is that the tools is available for free! No additional fees required.

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Ryan said...

This is a great find!

PR said...

Great Post. Weel worth it.

Ethan Mudgett said...

A software that can facilitate faster and more efficient reconciliation of inventory would be very useful. Tracking your inventory can be very tedious process if done manually.

May said...

Great Tool.. But is there a way this process can be automated or scheduled?

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