Thursday, March 31, 2011

Votes – DynamicsWorld


Somehow, my name was moved from list 8 to list 1 with zero votes along with Mariano Gomez with 80 votes!?! What’s going on? Am I the only one who was not informed about resetting the counters?

Looks like does not represents the actual votes for nominees.

Below is the list:

Mohammad R. Daoud MVP - MCT
+962 - 79 - 999 65 85


Anonymous said...

Hey Mohammad,
I noticed and even put out another list with you on the first page. Check out my post at

till later,

Mohammad R. Daoud said...

That was already noted, but i just noticed that the votes was removed!

Anonymous said...

This whole top 100 list provides absolutely no value to the Dynamics community.

Also, I'm suspicious of the credibility of this list, as the 2010 list contained the names of people who had left the Dynamics community in early 2009!

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