Saturday, November 13, 2010

Most Active Community Member Competition

I am glad to announce this guys! We are preparing for a competition logobetween active community members in Jordan, unfortunately MVP’s are not allowed to participate!!!

Simply contribute in any online or offline activities – I would love to help you in this – and record your activity.

The prize for the winner is:

A FULLY-PAID trip to Tech-Ed Middle East 2011!

To be eligible for judging, an entry must be unique and focus on Microsoft technologies or products, while also meeting the criteria mentioned below:




Minimum 10 attendees


Minimum 4 trainees


Minimum 200 views

Article (Arabic)

Minimum 200 views


Minimum 50 downloads

Podcast (Arabic)

Minimum 50 downloads


Minimum 100 downloads

Video (Arabic)

Minimum 100 downloads

Open Source Project

Must be publicly available on

Answer question on Microsoft Forums

Post must be Marked as Answer

To help you more, Muhanad Omar (SharePoint MVP) published a portal for this competition that allows all users to create their own entries and participations, and allows the Committee to validate your work:

To submit an entry, browse to the “My Entries” page and fill-in the appropriate form for your entry. The Entry Form will ask you to select the Contact Person for verification purposes. This person must be a Microsoft Employee, Microsoft MVP, or Community Leader. You may contact the verifier to explain your entry. Once your entry is reviewed, you will be notified if it has been approved or rejected.

Community work is rewarding - to us and our communities.
Let’s compete to see who is the most active community member amongst us!

Mohammad R. Daoud - CTO
+962 - 79 - 999 65 85

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