Saturday, November 13, 2010

Audit Trails in Dynamics GP

Have you ever got a request to keep versions on Dynamics GP Data? With “Audit Trails” module you can!

Follow steps below to activate the Audit Trails:

1. Install the module for GP CD.

2. Go to “Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Audit Trails >> Install Audit Trails” and click on “Install” :


2. Go to “Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Audit Trails >> Audit Trail Maintenance” and setup your Audit:


3. First click on “Refresh” to get the list of tables, and then select the needed table.

4. Click on “Apply Auditing” to select your table.

5. Click on “Auditing Options” to set filters on what data need to be monitored if required:


6. Click on “View” and enjoy monitoring changes on the selected table:


This looks typically like the smart list, you can utilize all smart list features here.

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Louay C. Awwam said...

Thank you Mohammed for the valuable post.
Would you please confirm that this module is in included with Dynamics GP 2010 R2?
Appreciate it.
Louay Awwam

Ian Stewart said...

Hi Mohammad.
Since the Audit Trails module is based on table triggers inserted into the Company Database...does it work with transactions created / updated by eConnect?

(I'm too lazy to install a version and test!! so taking the easy option and asking around if anyone has verified this).

Mohammad R. Daoud said...

I never tested this! But logically yes it should log any kind of operations as it is monitoring the tables at the SQL level.

Chrisi said...

If I delete a user in GP, does the audit information remain, or does it get deleted too?

Ahmed Metani said...

Salam Mohammad and All...kefak :) ?
I have a real problem in audit trail if you could help me.
Usually I take backup from live company to be restored on TEST company for testing purpose. so the restoring covers audit trail on TEST company.
Now I have auditors, and I can't segregate the transactions in TEST company and LIVE company.
Means, there is any trigger or validation showing the company ID within audit trail database or reports?

Ahmed Metani

Thomas Ray said...

Hi there,

Audit trails are very important to ensure data integrity, your blog is a really good one. Thank you so much for sharing.

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