Monday, October 11, 2010

Users Created by Dynamics GP assigned automatically to “db_owner” role!?!?!

Looks like I have a tough month, last week I spent 4 days in AQABA for customer support and yesterday I presented Dynamics GP for a new customer in Damascus, the customer’s team is highly trained team with a minimum of 15+ years of experience in ERP field, they requested an interesting specific demo script that shows the ERP functionalities and weaknesses, I requested the authorization to share this demo script and waiting for their confirmation.

However, I got an interesting case last week, my customer informed me that every time they adds a new user using Dynamics GP users, the user is added automatically to the db_owner role on all databases!?! First I didn’t believe in this but when I checked this it turns to be true!

After investigating on this, I found the reason behind this, the whole “DYNGRP” role which used by the Dynamics GP application to set users security was added to the “db_owner” role, therefore when adding any user to the DYNGRP it was automatically grants the db_owner permissions! I just removed the DYNGRP from db_owners role and everything worked perfectly as expected.

Hope that this helps.

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