Monday, October 11, 2010

Asset groups does not shown up when logging by another user

I found an interesting question in the Dynamics GP Forum, the user was trying to fix security issue as one of GP users cannot see the Asset Groups, below is the question:

In several of the Fixed Asset transaction screens, like the Fixed Assets Mass Change screen, there is a Asset Group ID drop down select list. For one of our users this drop down does not function. I've compared his security to a user that has the drop down working correctly and cannot see any difference. The two users can log in to GP on the same machine and it works for one and not the other. Can anyone give me any suggestions on what I might check?

Below is my answer:

This is not related to any security reasons, actually Assets groups is User Oriented field, each user will have its own groups that are not shared with other users, as written in the F1 help:

"Asset groups are saved on a user-by-user basis. For example, if user A creates an asset group, user B will not see that asset group anywhere in Fixed Asset Management."

Hope that this helps.

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