Monday, March 1, 2010

Post Dated Checks in Dynamics GP

Since long time ago, I used to hear that partners develops tools that manages post dated checks, in Microsoft Dynamics GP, there is a build in module that covers all the needed requirements out of the box, that’s why I thought I should post few screenshots about this module:

After installing the “Payment Document Management” module from CD1, you will need to go to “Microsoft Dynamics GP menu >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Payment Document Setup” and activate the module, you can activate it for both Sent and Received checks:


After activating the module to work with AP or/and AR, you will need to setup you checkbooks, first lets start with AP module, go to “Cards >> Purchasing >> Payment Document Maintenance” and setup your post dated checks checkbook:


Proceed with preparing your manual payment, and notice the “Payment Document Entry” menu added under “Additional”:


After filling the check information, you will need to setup the due date for the check in addition to any other user defined information needed:


After finalizing all manual payment transactions, you could manage you posted checks from “Transactions >> Purchasing >> Payment Document Settlement” where you can select your documents and select the destination checkbook where the check will be moved:


Clicking Payment Docs. will open a form where you can select the due checks and process it as needed:


Processing the check will perform all the needed transaction to settle the check and finalize the payment, the same concept applied to the AR with further options that allows , create a new cash receipt and notice the additional menu:


After filling the check information, you will need to setup the due date for the check in addition to any other user defined information needed:


As same as the AP module Sales Payment Document Settlement form is exist to settle the check, with options that includes Collect, Discount and Reject Discount:


Hope that I clarified enough, please don’t hesitate to contact me for any further inquiries.

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Ehsan Jawaid said...

Excellent, this thing shows how GP caters the concurrent and changing requirement of businesses. I have a request that, also post its reports availability in GP.

Alfred Erian said...


Is there a way to connect this with the Bank Managment Module, or is there a way to handle the same issue in the Bank Managment Module.

I need Bank Managment Module for the Checkbook / User security thing, and i need this to put the post dated checks on an account on the chart of accounts and move to the bank account on the chart when setteled.

Please share your thought with me

Javi Panda said...

Hello Mohammad,

Thanks very much for that information. It almost complete our expectations for post dated checks with GP.

One question, there is a way to update the due date for those checks? In this country (Ecuador) is very common to call for changed the deposit date for post dated checks. If not, we plan to make a little customization to update the DUEDATE field on RVLPD009 table.

Hope you can help me in this little issue.


Javier Sandoval

Anonymous said...

Dear Mohammad,
Thanks so much for this payement document module information. Is there any demo video files are available on the net for this?

Dumi Soft said...

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