Saturday, March 6, 2010

Auto grant access to users on newly added Analytical Accounting Codes

This feature is already added to GP 2010, but if you are looking to have such feature in your current GP, you might need to take a look at this macro generator.

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Kumar said...

Hi Daoud

GP 2010 has got a slight enhancement to this functionality but not what my script achieves.

This is what has been made available in Dynamics GP 2010:
When a user tries to add a dimension code on the fly, the system automatically grants access to that particular user and not to all users in that company. And also, this happens only when the dimension code is added on the fly from a transaction window and not when a dimension code is created from the Transaction Dimension Code Maintenance window. Even in GP 2010, if the user creates a dimension code from the Maintenance window it does NOT grant access to that code to any users in that company. :)

The only enhancement is that when a user tries to add a new dimension code from the transaction on the fly, earlier versions did not give access by default even to the user who created it from the transaction level, which prevented the user from tabbing off the field on the AA transaction window, and the user has to go exclusively to the User Access window to grant him access so that he can tab off. This was a problem since not all users would have access to the User Access window in AA. :)

So this script of mine, would still be useful in the event of users starting to use GP 2010 and AA, since this script grants access to all dimension codes to all users in that company. :)

Hope this information is helpful.


Mohammad R. Daoud said...

Thanks for the clarification my friend :)

Kumar said...

You are welcome dude...
I am still amazed by your Arabic translation of GP. :) Great work... :)

Anonymous said...

It appears that in order to gain access to the Macro and SLQ script you need to have account at
Anumar Computers, how do I get an account with Anumar?

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