Monday, December 8, 2008

Silent Installation for Dynamics GP


If you are looking to install GP in silent mode without using packages, you may need to check command below, I found it as an answer to question in Microsoft Dynamics Forum:

msiexec /i "C:\path\bin\GreatPlains.msi" SQL_SERVER_NAME="server that is running Microsoft SQL Server" INSTALLDIR="installdirpath" SELECTED_COUNTRY="country" TRANSFORMS=:Inst0instance;c:\skipdotnetcheck.mst INSTANCE_NAME="instancename" MSINEWINSTANCE=1 /qb+

Along with that command from above, you can use the "ADDLOCAL" command to install certain modules from GP. I found a list of codes for each module and they seem to be valid (at least the several I have tried).

A4 - A4
AA - Analytical Accounting
BM - Bank Management
CPR - Canadian Payroll
CM - Collections Management
DDR - Direct Debit Refunds
PMEFT - EFT for Payables Management
RMEFT - EFT for Receivables Management
EREC - Electronic Bank Reconcile
EM - Encumbrance Management
EI - Enhanced Intrastat
EXTENDER - Extender
FAM - Fixed Asset management
GM - Grant Management
HRM - Human Resources
MFG - Manufacturing
MLCHECKS - Multilingual Checks
PDM - Payment Document Management
PA - Project Accounting
RED - Revenue/Expense Deferrals
SP - Safe Pay
SI - Scheduled Instalments
SLB - SmartList Builder

For instance, if you wanted to install Fixed Assets, Safe Pay, and Smartlist Builder you would put "ADDLOCAL=FAM,SP,SLB"

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Do you know the code of Web Client Runtime?

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