Saturday, November 15, 2014

Dynamics GP Purchase Order Workflow: Approver requires A Full User not Limited


If you are looking to implement the Purchase Order Workflow, you must keep in mind that limited users will not be able to approve Purchase Orders, user should be FULL user to be able to process orders, I am not sure why Microsoft folks designed it this way but I got one of my customers to purchase additional 5 users to get this implemented!

I have requested this enhancement from Microsoft and kindly asking for your votes to get this fixed, below is the article on MS Connect:

Happy ordering!


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Mark Polino said...


To clarify, users CAN approve a purchase order via email. I have a company doing this now. The approval is AD based so it's not even looking at users.

You can't approve a PO via the interface without being a full user.


eSignature said...

A special thanks for this informative post. I definitely learned new stuff here I wasn't aware of !

Sidharth Chopra said...


I raised a PR and is it is fully approved (Workflow_Status = 6 in POP10200), but when i click on the action button i do not see the Purchase Button.

I logged in as sa and the button was there, i gave the user poweruser right the button is there but once i remove the poweruser rights the button disappears.

Can someone help me with the user right which I might be missing for this thing to work completely (this particular thing is stopping me from going live)



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