Saturday, January 12, 2013

Dynamics GP - Change a form field to “Required” field

I got many requests from my customers on how to make this happens and I used to create a package and send it to the users for import.

However with the new Licensing structure, everybody owns the modifier as a part of the starter pack! Therefore anyone can do the following steps to activate this:

  1. Open the Form.
  2. Go to Tools>> Customize >> Modify Current Window
  3. Select the field and switch “Required” to true as shown below:


Hope that this helps!

Mohammad R. Daoud MVP - MCT
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Exchange email archiving said...

Very very helpful!

Casey said...

Is there a way to make option fields required in the Payables Transaction Entry window? (GP 2013)

Anonymous said...

Is there a way to do this in GP2010? I see the option that is indicated, however, it is grayed out so I am unable to follow through with the directions.

Thank you,

Mark DaCar said...

I am working with Requisition Management and I do not have a problem making some required fields in the main portion of the popRequisitionEntry box. When I try to make some fields required in the detail box (scrolling windows:linescroll), even though I tag them as required, it is not making them required to the users. I have tagged 'Account' and 'Requested By' as required but those fields are not showing up as required when making an entry.

Thank you

raynist said...

Mark - I am trying to do the same thing, did you ever get it working?

Tracy Jo Dance said...
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