Saturday, September 22, 2012

Changes to GP2013 that should be considered by ISV’s

I been working the last few days hard to discover the new changes Microsoft made on GP 2013 desktop version and the web client and went through the application architecture to understand how will our solutions work among new application features and below are my initial findings:

1. Starting from GP 6.0 or maybe before, we used to know a fact that DYNAMICS database is constant and will never be changed, therefore we used to use this name statically in our code, starting from this point you no longer able to set this statically and will need to find an alternative.

2. As long as the Dynamics database we also used to know that the Sample company database was always named “TWO”, now it might be anything! Therefore you will need to query the SY01500 table with company ID of –1 to get the Intercompany ID and know the database name accordingly.

3. Working with GPConnNet wasn’t changed, however you still need to find a way to test the connection by using the Intercompany ID instead of querying the DYNAMICS database and shown on the examples, you can use “Dynamics.Globals.IntercompanyID.Value” from your development platform to retrieve this.

I will keep posting my findings!

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