Sunday, August 12, 2012

Working with Customers remotely

Many of us support customers remotely to save time and avoid any unnecessary costs, some customers can afford a remote connection with high technology to make the helpdesk support engineer life easier, however others are not!

To workaround this we used to use before, but after realizing the cost of the product that is around 800$ we have switched to, it is a simple remote desktop sharing application that works perfectly without the need to perform any complicated installations and cost is affordable (around 30$!).

We do support our own accounting department who are in the same building but different floor remotely!

Mohammad R. Daoud MVP - MCT
+962 - 79 - 999 65 85

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Anonymous said...

Dear Mohammad

Thank you for your interest in Ammyy Admin and for such a useful review you provided.
We hope our software will be very helpful for you and your readers.

You can always stay in touch with Ammyy community at

Kind regards
Ammyy Team

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