Friday, July 27, 2012

Dynamics GP Excel Paste Updates

Since the first day I announced the release of the excel paste, I been getting questions and requests from customers who already purchased the tool to do few modifications.

Issues started with unique screens, since the product is totally dynamic and does not have screens statically defined, sometimes few screens might not be effective as required and we been working the last few weeks on catching these screens by following customers requests.

Honestly I didn’t expect this number of requests nor the number of interested customers, which added a big number of helpdesk incidents to cover customers demands and product gaps.

One of the big things we used to get was to include the ability of having “headers” and “details” as a part of the product functionality so end users can paste multiple invoices at once or one invoice with multiple lines and each line with multiple serials, and here the challenge was started!

We been able to dynamically deliver the first part, we have adjusted the product to accept multiple windows by having one to many relation between the header and details lines. Below video might clarify more:

Example on header and details lines in GP Excel Paste

This version will be published soon once it get released from the Quality Assurance team and fine tuning some features, and will keep trying hard to find a solution for items and serials.

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