Monday, February 28, 2011

Undefined Symbol Errors When Upgrading from a version to another


This morning, a customer reported the following error while printing their checks remittances:

Undefined Symbol F01343D00789 Sequence Num


Last week I have upgraded this customer from Microsoft Dynamics GP Version 10.0 with Service Pack 4 to Microsoft Dynamics Version 2010 with Service Pack 1, when the customer sent me the package, I found that the package they sent is mapped to a table called "PM_Payment_WORK" while the original reports is mapped to "pmRemittanceTemp" then I figured out the reason behind this, this was due to the enhancements applied to this feature in GP 2010.

To resolve this, the hard way of doing this is by re-implementing the customizations on the original report. However there is always a workaround!

Below the steps I followed:

  1. I exported the report to a package file.
  2. I opened it using Notepad.
  3. Pressed CTRL+H to find and replaced PM_Payment_WORK to pmRemittanceTemp.
  4. Saved and imported the report.
  5. Regenerated the report and found 2 missing fields, replaced the missing fields with an alternative from the new table and it worked!

Enjoy fixing your reports without re-implementing your customizations!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for post. I had the same problem and used your technique to solve it without duplicating the mods. I also noticed that the key # for table needs to be changed after re-importing the edited report; it should be key #3.

Priyan said...

Great Post. Simple and to the point. Was Invaluable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I had the same problem and this took care of it.

Anonymous said...

I also had this issue....and these fixes worked on my workstation...but on my client it states a new error SYMBOL ALREADY DEFINED...ANY IDEAS?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much. Saved me a whole lot of trouble.


Melvin said...

After making the changes suggested. I got an "inconsistent table hierarchy" error. I went to report writer and added a relationship for table pmRemittanceTemp and Credit Master File. Now when I process my remittance, I get an error "Undefinded Symbol Voucher Number". I believe this has to do with the fact I chaged the table names to pmRemittanceTemp on the report. Did anyone run into this issue? Please advise.

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