Friday, January 21, 2011

Victoria Yudin - Microsoft Dynamics 2010 Implementation Book

My old man used to tell me the below story:

A man who owned a machine repair shop decided to sell out to a larger company. He had rather old machines in this shop but knew each one of them inside and out and had kept his business running because he knew all about his machines and exactly how to fix them. The new owner of the shop decided that since the machines ran so smoothly he had no need for a "mechanic" and so fired the man.

A few months went by and one day one of the machines broke down. In a panic the new shop owner called the previous shop owner and begged him to come in and fix the machine. The man said that he would on the condition that the invoice be paid on the spot because now he was a consultant for these kinds of machines. The new owner, not wanting to lose any more money or business, said that yes he would pay the invoice on the spot.

The man showed up, walked over to the machine, opened it up and hit it with a hammer. Instantly it revved up and was working smoothly again.

He handed the new owner the invoice. It was $10,000.

The new owner refused to pay it "$10,000! All you did was walk over and hit it with a hammer."

True, said the man, and decided to revise the invoice.

The invoice now said "$100 for hitting the machine with a hammer, $9,900 for knowing where to hit it."

Conclusion of the above story discloses the fact that the experience in the field is the key of maximizing the technology utilization and basically it is shortest path to achieve the needed goals. Victoria Yudin who’s one of the elders in Dynamics GP -and who represents the man in our story!- did a great job in summarizing all her knowledge and experience in one single location detailed enough to be understandable and usable for both newbie's and experts in this field. This location is no longer a secret anymore! It is her newly released book Microsoft Dynamics 2010 Implementation.

Honestly, I learned allot from Victoria’s knowledge through reviewing her book the last few months, the level of details she provided in addition to the way she delivered the information makes reading her book an exciting adventure!

Needless to say further about the book and its contents I advise you to take this move and purchase the book! Below articles by Dynamics GP community leaders did explain book content:

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