Thursday, August 19, 2010

Issue in Bank Deposit Entry Form

Talking about Bank Deposit Entry form, I noticed an issue when trying to change the Checkbook ID, the system does not automatically populates the next available deposit number, instead its uses the old number exists in the form and tries to load it document with the following message:

“The deposit already has been posted for this checkbook. Choose Continue to display the posted transaction for voiding.”


Or worst, if the selected deposit number for the old checkbook was reconciled in the newly selected checkbook, the following message will appear:

“This deposit can’t be used. It has been reconciled, is marked for reconciliation or has been previously voided.”


The simple workaround is just by clicking “Clear” before changing the Checkbook ID, I will report this to Microsoft and hopefully will get a reply!

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kinzi said...

Hello Mohammad! You indeed have a specialty blog, all business all the time. Best of luck!

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