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Posting Microsoft Dynamics GP Transactions Automatically “Autopost.DLL"

I used to hear that Microsoft developed a tool the auto posts Dynamics GP transactions, but I never saw anything like this, few days ago I needed such tool to fulfill an automatic integration requested by one of my clients.

The integration uses eConnect to integrate GP forms, and the customer wanted to auto post the transactions to eliminate human interaction, where I started my researches and found a tool with Microsoft that fulfill this request, its a tool developed using Continuum API to post GP transactions, but unfortunately I couldn’t use it due to the fact that GP must be opened and a user must be logged in.

However, the tool does exist, its not free but it worth's its price, at least you will not need to reinvent the wheel and develop such a thing, below what was written in its manual.


This DLL has the ability to several different types of posting methods. This DLL uses the Continuum API to call the posting processes in Great Plains. Because 99% of Great Plains posting code is written in Dexterity, Great Plains must be opened and the user logged into the appropriate company for this to work!

PostGLBatch- posts GL Batches entered in GL Transaction Entry window

PostIVTrxBatch – Post Inventory Trx Batches entered in the IV Item Transaction Entry window.

PostIVTransferBatch - Post Inventory Transfer Batches entered in the IV Item Transfer Entry window.

PostRMCash- posts a cash receipt batch entered from Cash Receipts Entry window

PostSOPBatch- posts a SOP batches entered in Sales Transaction Entry window

PostRecvBatch – posts a POP Receivings Transaction entered in the Receivings Transaction Entry window.

Hope that this helps.

Mohammad R. Daoud - CTO
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Susan said...

If you can find the article TK856496 Titled: How to use macros and Scheduled tasks to start programs and other tasks in GP. We had a customer that psoted 20,000 individual PM trx a day and didn't want to be slowed down by the GL posting. So, we held the posting and then created an log in to GP that went out every night and posted the transactions. If you can find the "confidential article" this will give you a clue.

Sue Conrod

David said...

Do I have to ask my partner for this tool?

Leilani Grant said...

Is there any more info you can provide about this option? We are in the market for something that will auto-post for us in GP and have reviewed a few 3rd party options. However,I ran across your article and was interested.
Leilani Grant

Unknown said...


I'm using "AUTOPOST.DLL" in WindowsForm Application (C# VS2013), it works fine (on a Windows Session on a Server with the same user with GP open).....for posting INVENTORY TRANSFERS for given BATCH NUMBERS...

I also look for the way in configuration of GP to eliminate the GP dialog, after AUTOPOST post the BATCH NUMBER of the Inventory transfer, but I could'nt eliminate it.

Can you please give a suggestion.

Best Regards

I'm from Chile (South America)
My name is Genaro Gambino Vilarrubias

Adolfo Mejía Garay said...

I don't know how to use, because i try to follow to step in document, but I got error. I have Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 and Windows server 2008 r2 x64... Any help I really appreciate.

Unknown said...

Mr. Mohammad,

We are using AUTOPOST.DLL for 2 year .... and I am using 2 VS 2013 C# applications ROBOT with 2 GP users allways connecter to GP (using 2 users licences) for posting INVENTORY TRANSFERS when the WMS system gives an Ok of the product verification of the reception.... working fine ... no problem ..... thanks for you article....

Now a I working and finishing an aplication that takes the WORK TRANSFER in GP tables and POST IT ....... with out GP Opened (without using user licences) and write all the posting tables ....

And my question is if you know about the creation (concatenation fields) of the field "DTA_index" on GL20000 -- I know that:
DTA_Index = "Journal_Number" + "nnnnnn"

I wonder if you know about the "nnnnnn" field (where it comes form)


Best Regards
Genaro Gambino V.

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