Monday, May 3, 2010

Smart List Tree View Space

Patrick from MS Dynamics GP Developer Support at the Developing for Dynamics GP Blog posted a great article about smart list features in GP 10.0, one of his interesting points was and explanation on the smart list tree view control that displays the favorites and categories, the space allocated for the tree view is greater than needed comparing to the space allocated to your columns, he explained in details how to correct this using modifier and attached the package needed to get this customized, below an explanation with images:

Smart List before applying the customizations:image

Smart List after applying the customizations:image

Now you have a big space for your columns now! Checkout his post here or directly download the customization file here.

Mohammad R. Daoud - CTO
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Frank Hamelly, MCP-GP, MCT, MVP said...

Awesome Mohammad! Been waiting for this for a long time . . .

Bob McAdam said...

Agree with Frank - this is probably THE most asked about item within SmartList, so thank you.

Matt Landis said...

Thanks for this tip Mohammad. It would be great if there were a sizer on the smart list...but this is a great solution till then.

Mohammad R. Daoud said...

All the thanks must be to Patrick from MS Dynamics GP Developer Support, he's the author of this article.

Thanks Patrick :)

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