Sunday, December 27, 2009

Answers you must have before posting a question.

While reading in one of the application manuals, I found an interesting questions that we all must consider having its answers before calling the support specialist, it would be great if you could include those questions answers in your question posting to get a best reply:


“  Before you call support

If you are experiencing a problem when installing Microsoft Dynamics GP, have answers ready to the following questions to help your support specialist narrow down the source of the problem you’ve experiencing.

• What is the exact error message?

• When did the error first occur?

• What task were you attempting to perform at the time the error message was displayed?

• Has the task been completed successfully in the past?

• What is the name of the window you are you working in?

• What have you done so far to attempt to fix the problem?

• If you are using more than one company, does the problem occur in another company?

• Does the problem occur on another workstation?

• What versions of software are you using?

Verify the version numbers for Microsoft Dynamics GP, your Microsoft SQL Server, and Microsoft Windows®. Also note service packs for each product.

• Are you using an integrating product with Microsoft Dynamics GP?

• Does the problem occur for the sa or system administrator user?

• Does the problem occur at the database server?

• If you use Windows Server® 2003 Terminal Services or Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services, does the same issue happen at the Terminal Server?                                       

Hope that this helps.

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