Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to setup all modules to be 100% reconciled to GL?

I am sure that most of our GP clients asks this question, when you do not have "Post Through GL" checked, the system will create your GL voucher in GL Transaction Entry window upon posting any kind of transactions in the module windows, and if this voucher got deleted for any reason, you will have variances between the module and the GL, normally this will require allot of work to find out those variances by the end of the period.

However, in GP 10.0, Microsoft added a new functionality called "Reconcile to GL" that matches your transactions to its corresponding transactions in GL and generate variances report but Frank has an interesting article about preventing direct account entry for modules accounts, I recommend reading the blog post below that might change the way you implement GP:

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Anonymous said...

How about a Solution! The Closer now includes CASH making Great Plains Better!

The Closer eliminates the need to "Tic & Tie" by finding all of the transaction that are causing you to be out of balance. Not only does The Closer find them, it groups them by error code explaining what is wrong. Current sub-ledgers supported include: AP, AR, INV, SOP, COGS, Accrued PO and now, CASH!

The Closer will look at the control account in the GL and compare it to the Checkbook ID. Any transaction that are not matched to the penny, will be displayed and grouped by error code. Fix them and run the process again to have "proof" that your books balance to the penny!

Customers run The Closer in some cases everyday for inventory (takes less than 30 seconds to open the program and see the results - some cases involving millions of transactions, may take 2 minutes). Others use The Closer to perform the Month-End close making the process a snap!. Close the books in minutes instead of hours or days. Results can be generated for a day, last week, a month or even last year.

For more information: or contact me: 978-878-9584 x1


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