Saturday, August 22, 2009

AA (Analytical Accounting) vs. MDA (Multidimensional Analysis)

While looking in the newsgroup a found an interesting question about the differences between AA (Analytical Accounting) and MDA (Multidimensional Analysis) module, Charles Allen pointed us to the following KB article that details all the advantages and disadvantages for both modules, Click Here to check the article.

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Punit Kumar said...

our organisation is now shifting from multi dimensional to analytical reporting. I was told this would make the life a lot easier as AA goes well with FRx. This article really explains this.

Not having much exposure to this I am struggling to find a way on how to add the multidimensional codes in the ledger report. When I extract a ledger report with all the transaction for a period it do not show the analysis codes. and if run an analytical report it do not include transactions with no analysis code. We have analysis code as optional so there will be transactions with no analysis code. Can you direct me where to find the manual on establishing a smart list report for ledger transaction showing analysis code and analysis group?

Thanks heaps

Punit Kumar

Punit Kumar said...

I think I refferred to a different article, your link requires id and password which I dont have....


Radha Sai said...

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