Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Excel Based Items Cost Adjustment


We have just released a new feature to the inventory module in Microsoft Dynamics GP based on the huge requests we got in the company by factories that uses ABC (Activity Based Costing) in their process.

The tool mainly reads and maps you excel sheet that contains your items new costs and performs mass cost adjustment to all items in the selected file between two dates to balance you inventory at period end.

Its mainly developed using VBA and Modifier, and launched from the item card as shown in the image below:

Pressing the button in the item card will open the following form:

The form will allow you to select you excel file, map fields in the file to the needed columns and create cost adjustments records for each item in Tools >> Utilities >> Inventory >> Adjust Cost one by one:

For sure this tool is not free!! But its available for purchase with its source code for customizations and modifications.

Mohammad R. Daoud
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