Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Metrics: Gross Profit for the Past 12 Months Calculation Method

Dear All,

This morning I got a question from one of my customers asking about the Home Page Metrics "Gross profit for the past 12 months" calculation method.

After investigating the accounts I finally figured out that the system imageis calculating the transactions on accounts that's related to the account categories (31,32,33) which are by default the Sales, Sales Returns & Discounts, and Cost of Goods Sold.

So to calculate the chart, follow steps below:

1. Pick one of the periods from the Chart and get its amount.
2. Go to Smart-list, navigate Financial's --> Account Summery
3. Filter on the Period you chosen and the Year.
4. Filter on "Account Category Number" is equal to "Sales" and Export the result to Excel.
5. Back and filter on "Account Category Number" is equal to "Sales Returns & Discounts" and Export the result to Excel.
6. Finally filter on "Account Category Number" is equal to "Cost of Goods Sold" and Export the result to Excel.

The results you got must match the number you picked from the chart.

Therefore upon implementation, you must make sure that the accounts related to the Sales, Returns, Discounts and CoGS are correctly mapped to its corresponding categories, otherwise you will have incorrect chart reading in this Metric. 

Hope this helps!

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