Sunday, March 22, 2009

Microsoft Dynamics GP "Version 11"

Microsoft Official GP blog in one if it posts mentioned some progresses about what they internally call "GP Version 11" which might have different name upon release, below is the post part:

Version “11” progress: We are roughly 12-14 months away from the release of Microsoft Dynamics GP version “11” (this is the internal name…we’ll likely ship with a different moniker for this release), and we’ve been busy this week giving Partners and Customers a sneak-peak of some great functionality coming in this release.  Here are the big version “11” demos we’ve done this week:

  • Printing a GP form (such as a Sales Order) to Microsoft Office Word, along with giving users the ability to print any GP report/form to Word if they so choose.
  • Emailing groups of documents (such as Purchase Orders) with just the click of a button (tons of functionality behind this…stay tuned for more).
  • Allowing those you do business with to login to their own Customer or Vendor Portal, where they can view key information related to their transactions in Dynamics GP, or even make changes to select data within your system (a vendor updating the shipping dates on a PO for example).
  • Charts, graphs and gauges galore!  Entirely new charts, graphs and gauges will be available on both the Business Portal dashboards as well as the Dynamics GP homepage.
  • Want to get more details after viewing the new charts, graphs, or gauges? Version “11” will allow you to drill down from those graphical elements to reports that contain the detailed transaction data behind it, and then drill down all the way from those reports back into the Dynamics GP inquiry windows! 

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Luis Portugal said...

It has a nice blog.
Sorry not write more, but my English is bad writing.
A hug from my country, Portugal

Mohammad Daoud said...

Thanks :)

kate said...

Your such good on computers and software. What is your course? Maybe cocmputer science or a like? I also noticed that most of the blogs that i've read from your site is on Microsoft. Thanks for the infotmation

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