Friday, February 6, 2009

The Microsoft_Dynamics_GP.vba project references some objects that cannot be found. these objects are listed in the file: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP\Dynamics.txt.

Error message shown sometimes upon the first launch of GP, and when you open the Dynamics.txt, a list of controls displayed.

When the user creates a new controls using Modifier and adds those controls to VBA, VBA will create references for those fields in the VBA file, while the modifier stores those objects in the FORMS.Dic.

So if the FORMS.Dic deleted, or those fields were deleted from the Forms.dic this message will keep showing up informing you that those objects does not exist and you VBA code will not work.

The solution for this is one of two:

1. Since there is no way to "Remove Field from VBA" then you will need to follow steps below:

A. Copy the VBA code into notepad.

B. Remove the complete form from VBA.

C. Re-add the form to VBA.

D. Add ONLY needed fields to VBA

E. Replace your code.

2. If you are looking only to ignore this message and prevent it from being shown, you may need create a file called "DEXVBA.INI" in your WINDOWS folder and place the following code segments inside it:



Hope this helps!


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Mohammad R. Daoud said...

Michael Johnson has another solution for removing invalid references from VBA, checkout his post below:

kate said...

Okies. I'll be checking this article. Thank you for sharing.

free movies online said...

This looks interesting. Thanks for posting.

F said...

I got this message opening Dynamics GP 10 Utilities
i enter user and password but then it hangs up and i cant create a new company
any help with that please?


Stephan said...

I have modified a clean report and added one calculated field to the report. Added the field to VBA and made one line of code referencing this field. I close Dynamics and it launch utilities and get this error message.

Have no idea why? Any suggestions?

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