Tuesday, November 11, 2008

DEX.INI Commands Explanation

Interested to learn more about DEX.ini file and what does it effect? I found a post under (http://msdynamicsgp.blogspot.com/2007/09/weekly-dynamic-dexini-settings.html) and found it interesting, below the parameters definition for DEX.ini File:

SuppressChangeDateDialog=TRUE - Turns off the Date Change dialogue that opens at midnight
Synchronize = TRUE - Forces a synchronization of the chart of accounts format
OLEPath=\\server\folder\ole - Sets the path for linked and embedded files. This is often set up inconsistently in the initial setup. You'll need to include your path in place of file://server/folder/ole
NoPrintDialogs=TRUE - Suppress the print dialogue box
ShowResids=TRUE - Make resource ID's visible in Dexterity
SQLLogSQLStmt=TRUESQLLogODBCMessages=TRUESQLLogAllODBCMessages=TRUE - Turn on Dex SQL Logging (all 3 lines)
ShowAdvancedMacroMenu=TRUE - Turn on the Advanced Macro Menu
C:\DPS1\DEX.INI DPSInstance=1C:\DPS2\DEX.INI DPSInstance=2C:\DPS3\DEX.INI DPSInstance=3 - Run multiple process servers on a single machine. Specifics on CustomerSource here. (One line for each process server)
AutoInstallChunks=TRUE - Add CNK files without the "Add New Code?" dialogue
ExportOneLineBody=TRUE - eliminate line wrapping when exporting reports to comma or tab delimited files.
IMPath=C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Great Plains\Integration Manager\IM.EXEIMExecPath=C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Great Plains\Integration Manager\IMRun.EXE - Set the path to Integration Manager so it will launch properly from the menu. (2 lines)
WindowMax=TRUE - Open the GP main window full screen
SampleDateMsg=FALSE - prevents the sample company dialog box from being displayed
SampleDateMMDDYYYY=00000000 - Prevents the sample company dialogue box from displaying and sets the date to the current date.
SampleDateMMDDYYYY=MMDDYYYY - Prevents the sample company dialogue box from displaying and sets the sample company to the date defined. (5/1/08 would be 050102008).

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Abdelrahman said...

thats is vary valuable thnks mohammed

Mohammad Daoud said...

I am glad to hear that from you!

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