Saturday, October 25, 2008

Auto login for Microsoft Dynamics GP!

I found the below idea in one of the forums and liked it!

1. Create new text file in “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP” call it Login.mac
2. Paste the code below inside it and save.
3. Replace “sa” with your username.
4. Replace “123” with your password.
5. Replace “1” in “'(L) Company Names' item 1 # ''” with the company order of your companies selection list
6. Save the file.
7. Go to GP shortcut, right click and properties.
8. Change the target of the shortcut to include “Login.mac”
Old: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP$OULABI\Dynamics.exe" Dynamics.set
New: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics\GP$OULABI\Dynamics.exe" Dynamics.set Login.mac
9. Open GP from this shortcut.

Logging file 'macro.log'

CheckActiveWin dictionary 'default' form Login window Login
MoveTo field 'User ID'
TypeTo field 'User ID' , 'sa'
MoveTo field Password
TypeTo field Password , '123'
MoveTo field 'OK Button'
ClickHit field 'OK Button'
NewActiveWin dictionary 'default' form 'Switch Company' window 'Switch Company'
ClickHit field '(L) Company Names' item 1 # ''
MoveTo field 'OK Button'
ClickHit field 'OK Button'
CommandExec dictionary 'default' form 'Command_System' command CloseAllWindows
ActivateWindow dictionary 'default' form Toolbar window 'Main_Menu_1'


VicBerggren said...

Nice tip Mohammad!

Is there any way to suppress the "Macro ran for :05" message alert that pops up after Dynamics launches?

Mohammad Daoud said...

Actually I am not getting this message! whats your GP version?

Mohammad R. Daoud said...

Make sure you added this line: Logging file 'macro.log'

And the message will no longer exist.



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